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My good girlfriend, Rochelle, told me she was headed out to get a gyro. I asked her: where are you going? She said 147th Street. So I replied: "WHAT??? A HUNDRED AND FORTY-SEVENTH STREET???? All the way out there for a gyro????!!!! And she said promptly: "Babeeeeee... this here is worth the drive. THE BEST YOU EVER HAD. Wait and see."

So she brought me a platter... and let me tell you something... I JUST FINISHED... and I RAN TO GOOGLE to look up you guys so that I could leave a CURRENT REVIEW. This place has got to be the #1 Gyro place in America. I will be going out there as soon as I can to get me a double-cheeseburger as well. Oh yes. And to taste the fries fresh outta the oil!!!! amazing AMAZING.

Patrick Patterson    November 17, 2023   Chicago, IL   

Had been so long since I had a Chicago gyro…Stopped at Nicky’s on the way out of town a week ago. Tremendous, spectacular, the best ever, no doubt! Everything you could want. So delicious, packed with flavor, huge portions. They’ll make you forget about Chicago pizza!

The Howell Cotillion    November 18, 2021  

It is rare you can get the best Ribeye Steak sandwich, the best Double Cheeseburger and the best Gyro in the Chicagoland area at the same fast food restaurant. You can't go wrong with either of these choices. Remember to get a cup of cheese and a cup of BBQ sauce for the fries. Great mixture.

Derek    January 19, 2021   Chicago   

HUGE Gyros! Best food in the city!

Kyle Van    April 25, 2019   Cal City   

They have the best cheeseburgers with grilled onions and also you can add gyro meat for an extra $1.50. Adding gyro meat makes the cheeseburger awesome and they give you a lot meat. Honestly, with all the extra gyro meat you would think you're eating a gyro on a hamburger bun!! The size of fries are great and you can share them. You definitely get your money's worth!!!! This is one of my favorite places to come for great fast food and I live in Indiana.

*AuthorRochelle Smith    January 9, 2019   Calumet City, IL   

Hands down the best gyro I have ever had! I have to always compare other places that sell gyro to Nicky's lol. You can't beat the prices, that match the flavors. They are simply amazing! Hands down, they win! If there were best gyro awards, they would so win everytime! 😃😍

Erica Williams    August 16, 2017   Chicago (formerly in Dolton)   

If you want great chunks of juicy gyros served with warm pita and rich tzatziki all for an affordable price, go to Nicky's Gyros in good ol' Calumet City. Memories...

Amir Sheikh    April 25, 2017   Chicagoland   

WOW what an awesome GYROS! Generous portions and the biggest order of fries we ever saw! I would recommend this busy little place to everyone passing through Calumet City!! NOTE to hushand: Honey, next time buy one gyro & one order of fries and we will split it!! IT WAS VERY GOOD!

Phil& Mary Poninski    October 6, 2016  

These are the best gyros I have ever had. The service is also wonderful, if you want great food and great service with a very HOT group of servers come to Nicky's in Calumet City.

Rhonda Bergamo    October 31, 2013  

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